Significance of the Enterprise Risk Management champion.

Show Notes

Enterprise risk management implementation: Who is the champion?
Edited for length.

Significance of the Enterprise Risk Management champion 

  • Who actually is leading this work?
  • What are the requisite qualifications and background?
  • Is any special training needed?
  • Background and qualities
  • Functions

Principles of program success (addressed fully in E15): 
A few success factors and their relation to ERM

Summary of traits of ERM champion

”the ERM champion’s success in instituting ERM will not hinge on the degree of authority leveraged. The reason is that willing participation in genuine Enterprise Risk Management... is not a response to formal authority. It is an outcome of seeing the value of the new process.” (Robertson 2016, Solving the ERM Puzzle, p.24)

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(E. Robertson 2016) Solving the Enterprise Risk Management Puzzle: Secrets to Successful Implementation